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A new tool for Educators has been introduced by Producer Jeremy Bout, who adds real-life descriptions of manufacturing jobs in our economy.  With eduFACTOR, everything starts with a good story. eduFACTOR is a membership based library of high impact stories and tools to inspire the next generation.  These tools can be purchased by your school district, which may also be eligible for a grant to offset its cost.

eduFACTOR empowers:

  1. STEM teachers to use real life stories that make learning concepts relevant to students.
  2. Tech teachers with turnkey, hands on Maker Projects and Interactive Labs.
  3. Guidance counselors to equip students to make informed decisions with Career Pathways.
  4. Business leaders to get involved with workforce development and choose media from 3 TV series to inspire the next generation.
  5. Event organizers to host events using virtual keynote presentations.

Click here and take a look at and find out if EduFactor can help you.