Promote a world-class image of manufacturing to Arizona schools, teachers, parents, and elected officials.

To close the manufacturing skills gap in Arizona, AMP must work to promote a world class image of manufacturing to schools, parents and elected officials in order to reach the young minds of manufacturing’s future. It is crucial to promote a positive message of the industry throughout communities to showcase the value of manufacturing careers to all potential workforce. We recognize the need to connect with state schools, local parents and community leaders to amplify this message to these influential voices will ultimately help strengthen Arizona manufacturing. The Arizona Manufacturing Partnership, including its partnering companies, associations and state agencies have worked together to “launch” the Cox Communications/Edge Factor “Launch Point” television series of programs aimed at addressing the manufacturing image issue with students, educators and parents. CLICK HERE for a view of the first program aired last month.


Encourage Arizona education to utilize nationally recognized, industry validated credentials

The Arizona Manufacturing Partnership’s objective is to promote the use of nationally recognized, industry validated credentials by Arizona education institutions in pursuit of a higher skilled more qualified manufacturing workforce. Industry credentials provide an opportunity to clearly articulate a path from student to a career in manufacturing. There are numerous Arizona schools that enable students to directly control the focus of their career development through certification programs. AMP must bring this approach to scale and align other institutions to support a stronger talent pipeline for the state’s manufacturers.


Serve as the liaison between manufacturing needs and education articulation

The Arizona Manufacturing Partnership will act as an organization that helps education better understand the needs of their local manufacturers and adapt their programs to better fit those needs. In return, AMP will take action and help provide manufacturer’s participation in supporting education activities. Manufacturers will provide resources and assets, establishing opportunities for facility tours and presentations, and will be active with leadership and consultation. AMP will also support state and local policies that strengthen innovation, educational opportunities in technical fields, and access to a certified manufacturing workforce for employers.