Welcome to the Arizona Manufacturing Partnership!  Developing a strong workforce in Arizona is critical to the sustained growth of our economy.  When business investments are strong, the multiplier effect ripples across Arizona, creating new jobs and growth.  Unfortunately many of the State’s business sectors are growth-limited due to a lack of trained and available workers.  Combined with retirements and the growth in technical jobs, the diminishing pipeline of trained, certified, and career-ready graduates throughout the State presents a challenge to all of us.

AMP’s goals are simple, and critically important to employers, educators, parents and students alike:

  • Promote the world-class image of Manufacturing
  • Encourage Arizona’s educational system to prepare students to earn  nationally recognized, industry-validated credentials
  • Serve as the liaison between Manufacturing needs and Education articulation

Take a look inside and find out more about how you can help ensure that Arizona has a pipeline of technical employees ready to succeed in our global economy.   I think you’ll find, as many already have, that manufacturers provide high-paying jobs in clean, team-based environments to those who have the right skills.   I invite you to contact me if you’d like to talk more about AMP and our growing challenge.

Malcolm Green