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Manufacturing is revitalizing our economy and making Arizona strong again. And, when manufacturing investments are strong, a multiplier effect ripples across the economy, creating jobs and growth in other industries.

In fact, every dollar in final sales of manufactured products supports $1.33 in output from other sectors—the largest multiplier of any sector. Manufacturing employs more than 150,000 Arizonans with innovative and rewarding jobs that include salaries and benefits well above the national average, and accounts for 88% of Arizona’s exports.

Yet, remarkably, 80 percent of Arizona’s 4,500 manufacturers still cannot find the skilled workers they need to fill important jobs within their companies. In an industry with a 77% pay premium for salary and benefits, this is simply unnecessary.

The Arizona Manufacturing Partnership, a collaboration of industry groups, educational entities, state agencies and organizations, in partnership with The Manufacturing Institute, has led the strategic effort to develop a manufacturing workforce and pipeline. Through their research and initiatives, the Partnership has developed an evidence-based framework to close the skills gap.

The Partnership is aggressively addressing the skills gap with initiatives focused on changing the perception of careers in manufacturing; re-establishing the U.S. as the global leader of manufacturing education; and advocating for education and job training policies that strengthen the U.S. manufacturing workforce.

In order to maintain a prosperous economy and increase productivity, U.S. manufacturing must remain globally competitive. We need to be innovative, adaptable, and accountable in order to take control of our future.

The framework laid out in the following pages is the path to do just that.

This is our call to action.

This is how we make Arizona strong.